A Message from Kev

I’m Kevin Elliott, and I love business.

Head shot (3) - Copy - CopyI love other stuff too, but that is for other blogs. I have a Master’s degree in Corporate and Public Communication, and have been a small business owner/operator for 15 years.

I believe better business makes a better world, and the DailyKev exists to help you do better business.  We offer information, advice, and general encouragement to all you business heroes out there who are bringing it home every day. 

In this place it is okay to work hard, grab for your dreams, and be proud of the produce of your mind and hands. We trust you will find value here.

Thanks for reading, and go get ’em.

— Kevin

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Also, if you’re interested in having Kevin come speak to or conduct a training/seminar for your business, please take a moment to complete the form below (or learn more here). Expect a response within 24 hrs. Thanks!



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